Radar data needed! Help us with the data gathering

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    As we are continuously improving Windytv, we never stopped thinking to create radar layer. Unfortunately, there is not only one service provider, where we could go and just download the data from some FTP server. To illustrate the problem, on the image bellow are all the doppler radar listed by WMO.

    0_1491318338893_Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.59.40 PM.png

    Each country has a very different policy regarding those data. For example, USA gives those data to public for free (you can expect those to be added soon), however most of the states are not so genorous and are hidding those data. To keep Windytv free of charge we don't want to pay for the data.

    Therefore, I am asking for your help, do you know which countries provides the radar data for free and can you provide the FTP server to the data?

    Current state:

    • USA - data for free
    • Europe - OPERA project - whole European composite, which heavily paid
    • Netherlands offers the data for free

    Any help appreciated!

  • Storm chaser

    I am fairly certain that Canada offers free use of weather radar. I'll see what I can do. I'll also do my best to check if other countries offer free radar.

  • Meteorologist

    In Australia we have free access as to the government run (Bureau Of Meteorology) Unsure if they would allow this to be utilised for another weather site but worth a try.

  • Pilot

    @meteo-GR Thank you, radareu.cz is nice composition, but we are looking for original data (not png) and we want to access them in legal way.

  • Pilot

    An example of good data storage:
    The data is raw and georeferenced, exactly what we need. Many thanks to guys from Norwegian Meteorological Institute!!!

  • Storm chaser

    Sorry, but it looks like Environment Canada only offers radar data in GIF format. I'll keep trying for other countries though. And I figured out how to get Australian weather radar. It's $1830 a year plus another $1025 as a one time fee. http://reg.bom.gov.au/other/charges.shtml

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