NWS Severe Weather Watch/Warning Boxes

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    Feature Request: Would you add a feature to display any NWS severe weather watches and warnings over the US.? I frequently use the CAPE.feature but that only displays the areas threatened by severe weather in general. Severe weather watch/warning boxes would be a nice addition. It would display areas where actual severe weather is occurring.

  • Jim whats the URL of source

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    I did some research and found the National Weather Service (NWS) produces severe weather data in ATOM and CAP format as well as a RSS feed. You can find information on https://alerts.weather.gov. It's been awhile since I did any kind of website programming so most of this was over my head. This information would likely be limited to warnings in the USA and not worldwide. There may be some information regarding hurricanes/typhoons and tsunamis. I hope this helps.


  • RSS feed is fine. Please check the source if we can work on these data in machine way without user input. If there is some good format like XML, JSON including coordinates

    This is definetly good idea

    I have to finish some features (1-2months) that will make Windy again a little bit faster.

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