Inconsistency found with the NEW Meteogram cloud group and Map view data

  • Hi,

    I am a fan of the NEW Meteogram format newly introduced. But I have taken a closer scrutiny of the data and there appears to be an inconsistency between the data indicated on the Meteogram and that viewed on the map above. I have attached two images from the EC and GFS models looking at the "low cloud field".,lclouds,2017-03-25-15,-30.432,124.750,8,m:cPRajA5,a:CCqGU,d:me,700h,lclouds,2017-03-25-10,-30.432,124.750,8,m:cPRajA5,a:CCqGU,d:mg

    I hope you can see at time 18:00 Sat 25 (GFS) and 00:00 on Sun 26 (EC) that the map view shows 0% Low cloud while in the meteogram, there is a distinct (high %) value below 5000ft at the same time step.
    I advanced the time scroll bar to the adjacent time steps and still no change to the map view cloud % (for both models) and the same inconsistency.
    And what is also quite striking once you look for it within the meteogram, is the representation of heavy rain during Sat and no corresponding (realistic) cloud at the same time step, more notably with the GFS meteogram.

    Could I suggest checking the time stamp on the meteogram cloud groups and see if they actually match the other meteogram fields (and map image timestamp).


  • @stitch Well can you upload here some screenshots till the model updates? So we could see what you can see

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