• I will keep track what is changed on Windytv client, so you could see our progress (and also let us know if something gets broken). Actual version number of Windytv can be found in Menu in RH bottom corner (or in head section of html code).

    [in development now v10.51] - TBD

    • All the innovation from v10.50 plus...
    • Performance improvement, main JS codes are ~20% smaller, so it should lead to faster loading and start-up
    • Meteogram performance optimization (should not slow down mobile App any more)
    • New weather layers for pilots: Freezing levels, cloud tops
    • Polished meteogram a little bit (bigger clouds)
    • Favourites now display metars in RAW mode (if used on airport page before)
    • Less HTML, CSS and JS code in the main app (making start-up faster)
    • Temperature graph is now used on HP and favs and basic spot forecast
    • Fixed bug: Favs are sorted alphabetically
    • NAM model upgraded to 3km resolution
    • Our URL shortener uses new URL:

    [iOS App v10.50] - 2017-03-22

    • Completely new iOS app based on Apache Cordova was approved by Apple. Contains 100% functionality of the website and supports also iPad
    • A little bit better responsive CSS for tablets, mainly #bottom.
    • Better display of detail in mobile landscape mode

    [Node.js backend v7.4.2] - 2017-03-22

    • Fixed bug in forecast.js: Daily summary icon sometimes does not render rain (if rain is light during a day). TODO: Distinguish light rain and heavy rain.

    [Website & Android App v10.49] - 2017-03-20

    • Fixed bug: Clicking on a logo in mobile version does not move bottom calendar
    • Fixed bug: Find my location sometimes did not worked (on desktop)
    • Fixed bug when favourites were not synchronized with Android App
    • Display mode for detail and its model is now part of URL so meteograms are fully shareable and URL looks like this,14.378,5,m:e0HagoQ,d:mg, while d:mg means that meteogram is displayed with GFS model.
    • Meteograms now display rain/snow fractions (ECMWF only)
    • New wave detail based on NOAA Wavewatch 3 + GFS models. Note: NOAA wave model does NOT cover Mediaterran sea.
    • Added promo to propagate meteograms
    • After 2 hours of inactivity Android App is restarted to save resources

    [Website v10.48] - 2017-03-17

    • Ola, new meteograms are here!! Based on ECMWF or GFS and fully rendered on client side, so only 5kb of data is transferred.

    [Website & Android App v10.47] - 2017-03-12

    • Colour scale added back to homepage
    • Important: fixed bug causing erratic map movement after some time
    • Log-in / register to save all your settings to the cloud
    • "Find my location" opens weather picker, rather than weather detail.
    • Fixed bug, where favourite locations were not in exact position

    [Android App v10.40] - 2017-03-07

    • First version of Android App based on Apache Cordova. Full of bugs and issues.

    [Website v10.40] - 2017-03-07

    • Responsive CSS for tablets
    • New mobile-fullscreen-plugin classes and modes
    • New languages added

    [Website v10.36] - 2017-02-28

    • Completely new responsive CSS version for mobile use.
    • New mobile picker
    • Picker position now part of URL
    • Low bandwidth mode settings

    [Website v10.8] - 2017-01-24

    • Bug fixes

    [Website v10.4] - 2017-01-20

    • New pois menu, bug fixes

    [Website v10.2] - 2017-01-18

    • Complete refactoring of everything

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